Passion, everybody wants to find it. We often hear people talk about finding their passion and fulfilling purpose, but the challenge is many people do not know how to find that specific thing or things they are passionate about. So if you do not know how to find your passion, how do you fulfill it?

A lot of people just resort to getting a job and hope that they can find some level of fulfillment from it but that is hardly the case because you finally get a job and you are excited. Your first day at work felt like you just walked into dreamland but a few months down the road, you begin to feel stressed and drained. That excitement you first felt on your first day fades away leaving you with nothing but a distaste for a job you were once excited about.

At this point, a hunger builds up within and you soon begin to feel like there is more to life than you are doing at your job. Then you try to put in more effort at your job but there is an emptiness within and you just can’t tell what it is, a hunger for fulfillment. A hunger for more, a hunger to do more and make an impact, a longing for a higher life.

I understand how you feel, I was once in that position and I absolutely hated it but hey! I am here to tell you that it is perfectly okay to feel that way because God created you to make an impact. Yes, it is in human nature to impact others positively so when you are not doing that, there is a natural-born hunger from your soul to live the life you were created for. That is why you hear about people making an impact sometimes and wish you could be like them. Many ladies admire Opray Winfrey a lot and would like to be as influential as she is. Many more admire Okonjo-Iweala so much and would really desire to become like her.

We desire to be like them because something deep within us wants to live a life of impact and fulfillment. The truth is, you were created unique.

I was also a victim of this kind of life so I know very well what it feels like. I got so frustrated and in dare need of answers. With all the anger, hunger, and frustration I started looking for a way out. I looked everywhere and googled everything I could find about business ideas and making money, I just wanted something that could feel up the emptiness I felt at the time little did I know that what I was searching for were never the answers I needed.

I was interpreting my frustrations wrongly. It wasn’t a business idea that could take me away from my 9 – 5 job neither was it a job that would earn me more money but what I truly needed was to find that thing I was born to do. That one thing I love to do and can spend the rest of my life doing even if I wasn’t going to get paid doing it. Something I could wake up to daily and go to bed daily a fulfilled man.

Many people never lived their potentials, they never found the reason why God put them on the earth and they die wishing they had the chance to live life again so that they could live it better and touch more lives.

In this article, I have outlined five questions that will help you find and define your passion so that you can start living the life you were created to live. These questions are some of the questions that helped me identify some of my unique gifts a few years ago. I even made it into a guide so that people could download it freely but it is currently not available for downloads that is why I have made it into an article.  

NOTE – You do not need to overthink your answers, the first answer that comes to mind is usually the right answer. You may also invite your friends to answer the questions based on what they think of you. Also, make sure to pen down at least three answers for each of the questions and give specific rather than general answers.

Let’s get started.

5 Questions That Can Help You Quickly Discover Your Passion

  1. What do you do well? (What are those things that you do so well, those things that people know you for, those things people come to you to help with because they know you are really good at it)

It could be writing, advise, speaking, teaching or even marketing a product.

2. What do you enjoy doing? (If you would work without pay, what job will that be. What is that thing you could do and not worry about getting paid because you enjoy doing them so much? Those things that make you lose track of time when you engage in them.)

I found that I loved to teach. I could go on and on on topics of interest and forget that I have food on fire and I also noticed that people loved to listen to me when I teach.

3. What frustrates you? (what are your frustrations? Those things you see and wish you could do something about)

It could be homeless pets, helping people, abused kids, bad decisions, or depressed people.


Close your eyes and picture yourself in the future (say five years ahead) living the kind of fulfilled life you have always desired.

4. What do you see yourself doing that brought you such fulfillment and peace?

Could it be saving the environment, helping less privileged children got quality education, serving in government, it may even be pastoring a local assembly.

5. What can you travel the world doing?

If you were to travel the world for a cause, what would that cause be? It could be preaching the gospel of Christ, helping people get out of poverty, helping world leaders formulate better policies, saving the oceans, or helping war-torn nations.


You may notice that you have similar or close to the same answers for the first three questions (questions 1, 2, and 3). Write down those answers that are similar on a new page and then match them against questions 4 and 5 and see which one resonates best with you. Is it something you would like to do and continue to do in the future?

For instance, teaching appeared in number 1 and 2 answers, and in number 3, I have helping people and you will agree with me that teaching is a way of helping people. If I were to put these against questions 4 and 5, I will likely have a passion that revolves around pastoring or preaching the gospel.