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Running Facebook ads with strategy and for Influence

Surfing through Facebook, I came across an ad about learning digital marketing in Ibadan, Nigeria.

I noticed that the ad had gathered some comments, and a lot more reactions so I thought to see what the comments were.

The ad did not explicitly ask people to download a brochure however, it was mentioned in the body and the call to action button was “Learn More”.

Here is the thing and the very reason why I don’t really target people from Ibadan when I do paid Facebook ads.

Most of the comments were asking, “how much”. Even after the admin replied they replied again insisting on knowing the price. They wanted him to mention the price in the comment.

Other comments were, “It is too expensive”.

One even went on a rant about how the organization is not helping the youths. You know those funny talks.


There was a comment from somebody in Lagos. It was different; she wanted to know if they have a training center in Lagos.

Apparently, she saw the ad from Lagos and was interested in the course. Unfortunately, they do not have a training center in Lagos. Stay with me and I will tell you what they should have done instead.

Now let me share with you my thoughts on this thing.

1. Your environment has a way of influencing you

What will make somebody in Lagos interested in one thing and another person in Ibadan thinks that that thing is too expensive and should even be given to them for free? – Entitlement mentality.

Lagos is a state on its toes. Everybody understands what it means to be in a competition, an Ideal Competition actually, even though I don’t like that city, it drives me crazy.

That is not the case in Ibadan.

2. Target the right people with your ads

Let me be honest with you, nobody has the perfect template for targeting the right kind of people on Facebook. The secret is to keep trying. Keep experimenting until you get it.

If you are giving a 30k offer in Ibadan, be sure you are targeting those you need it and can afford it and don’t forget to pack it left, right and center with bonuses.

That one na small marketing sense.

It must not be on Facebook. Find them where they are, send letters to their offices, call them, visit them and pitch to them.

I have plans to organize a training on Facebook Marketing, those are some of the strategies I will adopt.

3. Price according

We attended a seminar last month in Ibadan. As we drove to the venue of the seminar which was scheduled to begin at 10 am. I looked at the time and saw 9: 34 am. I turned and said to my brother, I won’t be surprised if we get there and still find seats in front.

I told him, if this was happening in Lagos, I am almost certain we won’t find a seat by 10 am and he agreed with me.

When we arrived a few minutes before 10 am, the hall wasn’t even half full.

In places like this, find a price that is not too high and not too small. Something affordable. Cut down on other expenses.

4. Finally, clearly, state your objectives

If I were to run that ad, instead of asking them to learn more, I will ask them to download the brochure.

I will offer the brochure as bait (bribe) to funnel them into a mailing list by collecting their emails in exchange for the brochure. Then I will follow up with daily or bi-weekly of weekly means after which I will sell the training to them.

If I don’t do this, then I must have a powerful sales copy in place.

5. One more

If I was running that ad, that person from Lagos, I will make her an irresistible offer. Maybe offer online training for the same value or a one on one in Lagos for more. Sell at every opportunity you get

Ibadan is no longer 7 hours from Lagos.

I wrote a bit more about leveraging social media for influence here

What strategy would you deploy if you find yourself in a situation like this?

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