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The 77th Girl

She called early on Wednesday morning wanting to know if I would be coming around today. At the time, I wasn’t sure. I had a lot I needed to finish before my class at 3 pm thereafter, I would be free for the rest of the day.

Thankfully my class lasts only an hour, it was over by 4 pm.

That day, I woke up planning to miss the class then she called and gave me a reason to rethink my decision.

I took the class as usual and before 4:30 pm I was on my way back.

Sitting calmly in the back seat to the right of the driver side, (owners corner) the air conditioner freezing cold in the late afternoon sun, I picked up my phone and dialed her number.

“Hello, where are you?”

“I am holding out at a friend’s shop.” She responded.

“Okay, I am done for the day. Can you catch me at Wole’s place?”

She answered in the affirmative and I dropped the call.

Since we met in December, we barely saw or spoke on the phone until five weeks ago when we met again. We gisted for hours after my class that Wednesday and I enjoyed every moment we spent talking. I sensed she had a lot to learn and I thought spending time together occasionally would be good for her and somehow for me too.

We would usually sit under a tent outside Wole’s place or in his sitting room and gist into the night then I would drop her off at her place then either return to Wole’s or go to my place.

I sensed something funny brewing, but my daring self always wanted to try things out.

“I am sure Bella is up to something I am not going to run away from whatever it is I will simply not fall for it.” I thought to myself as I took the stairs into the visitor’s wing.

Wole and I had been friends since our days at the University of Lagos. We were innocent young boys when we first got into school but by our second year, we were like loose cannons. Although our academics wasn’t suffering, in fact, we were the best student in our class but we loved the ladies and they loved us too.

We nailed anything that had a beautiful face and managed to meet our taste. By our standard, she should be trimmed, curvy, moderately busty with at least an encouraging backside. We even kept records of our hits.

There were a lot of them on campus.

Only a few ladies could resist our charm, our rich parents provided us with everything we needed, cars, comfortable accommodation, and cash enough to get us through each month. We never lavished money; our businessmen parent taught us never to.

Wole and I rented an expensive three-bedroom flat off campus. We wanted that extra room for visiting friends and we did have a lot of them. We had our cars even though we rode in a car must times. I drove a maroon colored, Toyota Corolla Sport, 2008 model while Wole drove a conspicuously white Honda Accord, 2006 model.

We could have easily passed for the richest kids on campus if we showed off our wealth, thankfully, we weren’t brought up that way.

Our parents always told us; “Do what you have to do well and in time and you won’t have to worry about what you haven’t done when it is time to play”. We grew up with that mindset.

I stood in front of the door not knowing what to expect, I knocked and waited for a response. I met her lying across the king size bed in the guest room. She said she was trying to nap.

She looked breath-taking, the greater part of me wanted to remain in the room with her, I succumbed, it was what she wanted. As I lay beside her on the bed, I couldn’t but wonder how she had become so comfortable in a place she is supposed to be new to, after all, it was only a few weeks ago that I first brought her here.

She laid down beside me her eyes fixed on my lips. I could see affections or was it lust in her deep blue sexy eyes. I knew she was attracted but I never imagined it was that bad.

“I will play along. I can handle this. God knows I can.” I thought.

Hours passed and we laid there gisting. Sometimes she laughed and touched me, other times she would rest her soft sexy body on mine.

“Is she tempting me? o no that is not even the question, am I tempted?” that is the right question to ask. I think I am now.

With every touch, I felt my dick responding.

Until my current relationship started three years ago, I had sex anytime I wanted and with any girl that caught my fancy but now, my girlfriend and I had agreed to remain celibate until our wedding night. I have been faithful to this agreement and I intend to remain so even though Bella is hell bent to see me break it.

Bella knew her ways, she stylishly came close and touched my sacred regions with parts of her body testing to see if I was responding to her mildly seductive touches.

Minutes later, she stepped out to get some food and I seized the chance to adjust my dick and tucked it in then I changed my position lying straight by the edge of the bed.

Bella re-entered the room a few minutes later with a tray containing two glasses, a pack of Five-alive juice and a sizeable slice of cake. She placed the tray carefully on the table and sat right in front of my sacred area.

“This girl sure knows how to take a man down but I won’t fall for this, no I won’t, Jesus help me”. We continued in silence as we cleared out the tray then she set her empty glass back on the tray and made a daring move, she laid down, coiled up in the little space in front of me as though she was beckoning on me to cuddle her, resting her back on my left hand.

I dropped, my wall of defence fell flat and blood rushed to fill my dick.

I turned, and placed my right leg over hers, half of my body over her, I looked into her eye deep blue almond shaped eyes and parted her succulent lips with my fingers. As the rays from the white light in the room rested on her face, I couldn’t resist this beauty any longer. I lowered my lips and took hers in mine and she responded. I felt goose pimples flush through my body and my penis stood straight in surrender.

As I loosened her bra, the towers on her chest were revealed. They were full and heavy, her nipples stood right on top of them pointing straight in my direction, thick, dark, and hard. I dipped my mouth in and she moaned.

Minutes passed and I took her from behind. I pumped and she moaned and cried until we hit the limits. That moment, a sudden sense of guilt flushed over me.

I had broken my commitment to my girlfriend of three years and she has not the slightest idea. A deep secret had come between us and I knew my relationship would never be the same. This secret will hunt me until the truth is spoken.

Why didn’t I stop her before we went too far, why did I allow myself to join her in the guest room in the first place?

I shall live with this guilt or find the straight to talk to my girlfriend about it and brace myself for the consequences thereof.

And she, Bella became the 77th girl.

—This is purely a work of Fiction—

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