Short Stories

The Monster Behind The Door

She sat coiled up on her bed, her head resting on her bent knee she cried bitterly. Too many thoughts jostling for a space in her heavy head.

If she knew it would turn out this way. If only she knew the monster she had become friends with, the one behind the door when she walked through into the house.

She felt like the ground would open and take her soul away perhaps that will relieve her of this gloominess that has suddenly eclipsed her.

She hardly slept through the night, it seemed it was the longest night she ever had. Every time she tried to close her eyes; those evil images are all she saw.

Was she dreaming? What kind of dream could that be?, “I wish this will pass and pass quickly but how can I ever forget this?” she thought to herself.

One moment she felt like screaming out the pains that had welled up within her, other times she felt like running away from herself.

Kevin was that Godly brother in the church that everybody ran to whenever they needed help.

“Didn’t I shut Anita up when she told me she felt something strange about him? I was quick to rebuke her. Now I know she had seen something”. She wept bitterly hot tears running down her rough cheeks from her tired blood shut eyes.

She moved to Lagos about seven months ago from a place that is nothing like Lagos. She was still finding it difficult adapting to her new environment. She thought the traffic was crazy and everybody seemed to be in a hurry.

Then it seemed there is always somebody trying to take advantage of another. If not for her new job, she could have sworn nothing could ever make her settle down in Lagos but Kevin had been very helpful.

She met Kevin six months ago when she started attending a church. They became friends the first day she attended church. He has always seemed like that gentle, calm guy that couldn’t hurt a fly, so what happened yesterday, what changed, what had come over Kevin?

It wasn’t the first time she would be visiting him. Every time she visited, they would gist and play a video game together, a few times she went into his kitchen to prepare food them to eat especially when he was having his friends around. She never passed a night at Kevin’s, they were friends and nothing more.

She had just concluded a Saturday morning meeting at the office when she decided to stop by at Kevin’s on her way home since she was alone at home and had no other activity for the day.

That fateful afternoon while they sat in his small sitting room gisting and watching a movie when the rain started unannounced. As usual, the rain was followed by a power outage.

As they waited for the rain to stop, Kevin went into the kitchen and returned with two glasses of a fruit beverage.

Minutes later, she suddenly began to feel dizzy. She had never used Kevin’s room and that wasn’t about to change despite him trying to persuade her to. She preferred to sleep on the carpet in the sitting room.

When she woke up hours later, a lot had changed. She could feel something had gone wrong. He had been raped and the suspected culprit was nowhere to be found.

That moment, she felt the walls crumbling down on her.

Now she is alone in her room, crying her heart out. She could not even bring herself to talk to anybody about what had happened to her.

“What am I going to tell Segun?”

He had been calling since she returned to her apartment after the incident last night but she couldn’t take his calls.

He had never been comfortable with this friendship with Kevin, now she had no choice, if there was one person who needed to know, it was her boyfriend Segun.

It was hard, but he forgave.

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