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Last Saturday I sat with my young friend to listen to her, catch up on progress made and most important answer some burning questions.

As we sat together, she clutched a pen and rested her notebook on her lap listening with rapt attention and taking notes when necessary.

My young friend asked me many questions on different topics and I tried to answer every one of her questions.

I have written about her questions in two separate posts; “What I Taught My Young Friend and What I Taught My Young Friend About Writing”. You may catch up on my wall and in a group on Facebook, Pen and Ink Masters.

I also have them on my website, you could check them out at samonaivi. com. I believe you will find immense value in them.

Just when I thought she had asked all her questions she fired another; how can I use social media for my business?

My answer was simple, everything I have said, take them to social media and replicate them there.

Everything on your social media page must be in sync. Your profile picture, cover photo, intro everything must be in synchrony with your core message and what is your core message? – what you do, the services you offer.

Anyone coming to your page must in an instant be able to tell who you are and what you do and should feel safe to do business with you even if they never met you before.

My page gets me referrals, my page connects me with people because I have set it up to do just that. That is exactly what social media branding does.

After I had said all that, I paused and asked my young friend, what have you done with all the big groups you belong to on Facebook?

My young friend was quiet.

What have you done with all those thought leaders you follow on Facebook?

I chat with this person and that person once in a while.

Impressive. Keep in touch, find a way into their hearts, be there when the need arises. That is how you can earn yourself a mentor.

Finally, I told her to create focused, and targeted contents. Content that speaks to a type of people. 
When serious minded people come to your page, they should find valuable content on your page. Contents that reinforce who you are (your brand).

Don’t go sharing contents and allowing every Tom, Dick, and Dozie to tag you in every kind of posts. Break loose from the temptation to post “Sunday things and Party Things” kind of post (those ones are posts, not contents) and resist the devil when he whispers in your ears to write things like “tins, fanks, GM, HBD and their fellow jargons” they don’t make you look authentic.

Take time to screen those you accept into your friends’ list because that list is important. Visit their wall first and accept only if they meet your criteria. It is called setting high standards.

Again, I told my young friend make good use of communities on Facebook by contributing and sharing valuable contents and be strategic.

Build emotional connections by telling your story.

Bluntly, I told her one last thing, “Everything that has to do with ads is practical”.


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